Different Dimensions

Someone asked me if I thought about the possibility of another version of myself in a different galaxy. I don’t personally believe there is another you in a multitude of dimensions. But instead, an infinite amount of beautiful possibilities that you couldn’t even have thought to exist. Meaning that these possibilities are in reality (or in this case in some other reality) available at all times and they are as perfect as water rippling on a quiet lake, waiting to be enchanted by both your subtle touch or perhaps by a heavy and sudden drop of a rock or ponderous old self. Yes you know which one I am talking about, the one you have been carrying all your life, all those ancestral dactylograms.

In this dimension, the only one I know, we can either align with our purpose or choose to take a different turn, the unconscious one. If you do take action to be this unconscious living being, you will definitely learn from it, one way or another – in this lifetime as a human or perhaps as a completely different being in a yet to discover lifetime – but you will certainly earn.

If we are stuck in a perpetual loop of wrong decision making, we are most likely in the midst of one of our first journeys here on earth and consequently in our own evolution. But do believe the universe is like sage – wise and astute – and it will present you with the gift of manifesting and mirroring your same old patterns, until you become familiar with it and start changing the way you reward yourself, either through love, kindness and understanding or – on a more negative frequency – through feelings of guilt, shame, anger and hate, either towards others (human beings, animals or the planet) or yourself. Even if you think you have succeeded in transcending or that you are enlightened , chances are that you will return to this physical dimension in order to acquire some other learnings, different ones, through different experiences.

My belief is that, we are not so important in the whole extensive existence of the universe’s evolution that infinite parallel universes are replicating each and one of us in a slightly different manner, at least not exactly in this body shape, form and condition. Although, I do believe we are souls in a physical body, presented with infinite choices which will lead us on a different path of growth. The body is just like a suit that the soul dresses and undresses according to its needs. Sometimes we use the body as a mask – trapped in our beliefs and conditioning. We are children, daughters, brothers, teachers, rich or poor. A person who chooses to cling to old ways of being, or who is resonating at different emotional frequencies, will move swiftly further along their path and purpose (dharma) in this lifetime or will be left behind, unaware of all that is possible.

I do believe there are many different dimensions, some theorists even claim that there are 11 of them. The physical form for which we are presented in this lifetime, is one of the first ones, most specifically, the third. The third dimension is composed of three planes – three perspectives in relation to the world we live in: height, length and depth. As human beings, we also perceive the fourth one – time. It is possible to travel to the other dimensions, even perceiving all at once, if you are lucky to be god. Any added dimension, is just a new perspective, a new understanding of cause and effect, of the duality that surrounds us. Everything in this universe is a cycle. We first begin to exist and then we grow, expand, shrink and return to the source – so does the universe that contains nature, so does the soul that contains you, here and now. Everything that you thought possible and impossible, is happening now, and similarly already happened – because everything is unlocked guaranteed potential. Everything that could possibly happen, already happened and it also didn’t happen at all. So you can travel to other dimensions – or let’s call it “potential” – that’s a given, but you will only understand what this concept really means if you learn how to be lighter in spirit.

I think string theory is a way of explaining this infinite amount of possibilities that happen all at once, because the truth is, there is no time. Time is a construct of the fourth dimension – one added perspective added to understand the third dimensional world. As any perspective, it exists to facilitate understanding and so it helps us with our own expansion. One could say that the past exists for us to understand the present, the present to contemplate the future, and the future to learn how to let go of control of the ego – which leads us back to the present and grateful for the past. So it is a cycle. One couldn’t exist without the other, not in this dimension at least.

This is, to me, consciousness. We might still have our limitations in this three dimensional world, but when we progress we can further develop our growth and jump through space and time. That is why

when people meet other people and they see their potential, their vibration through the lens of their own lives and growth – they see the amazing possibilities ahead. But we should avoid imposing our own perspectives on others. We can’t force them to see through our eyes, our vision, our experience, learnings, pain and failures. It has to come from within.

I believe it is possible to manifest what you want – your most precious desires. When we are grateful for the things we want as if they are already here, we tune to that frequency – almost like adjusting to a radio frequency or station – and so, you might hear some noise, some disturbance, but when you are attuned, it sounds right – is not possible to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, if it sounds right. Only you will know what is right for you if you find the time to pause and listen, so you are aware of the subtlety in this very complex, yet simple composition, the frequencies, and the magic that is hidden within. If you stay tuned in – if you believe you already have everything that you need from deep inside your heart – inevitably you will attract an abundance of otherworldly sounds and your reality will start to feel a lot like a dream. Because when you are asleep, you are just a spectator in a higher dimension, your ego is not in control. To be awake feels a lot more like what humans perceive to be asleep (to be unconscious) and to dream – where you are in touch with your subconscious experience on earth – is to be awakened to other perspectives within the soul spectrum or dimensions. If we are aware of this, we can travel anywhere: past, present and future.

Raquel Vieira 
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