O porquê de seguir um Ayurveda Lifestyle
– Palavras de Raquel Vieira

A Raquel começou com o acompanhamento personalizado, sessões periódicas e gradualmente foi abraçando a Ayurveda e o Yoga. Curiosa e com vontade de saber mais e mais (acontece, acreditem!), abraçou a formação de Terapeuta de Medicina Ayurveda. Bravo Raquel! E muito obrigada, em nome de toda a equipa, pela tua partilha desta dança de palavras.


The pain that you see comes from within
No time to be free , we are always rushing
Comparing, subtracting, adding to the equation
Our minds tingling with depression

There’s a pill for every symptom
But what’s the symptom of incompletion,
Of void and depletion
Our minds yarning for more
But all collide into the abysm

No more pills and no more lies
No more stress
In the eyes
The beholder knows the truth
It is open
It is open

I am open
To release
All the peace in a blink
Of the mind and of the heart
I’ll let it flow inside

Embrace the pain
Create some space
to heal and move forward
To breathe clearer and grow stronger

A new perspective it’s forming
A new kind of persona
The cosmos of the unknown
The mysteries of your own
The mysteries of how we feel
The prana is only real

Let the life force energy
Fill you with all it’s dignity
Clean you from its toxicity
And leave you wanting more
And give to everyone

Bless is the course
Expansion is the cause
Protection is the key
To keep all your heart dignity
Protect your own mind
Don’t let anyone inside
That can corrupt the time
You should keep quiet inside

Raquel Vieira 
Aluna da Formação de Terapeuta de Medicina Ayurveda 2021
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